Tips and tricks to gain a better credit score

Do you want to gain a better credit score? A better credit score is essential for getting a better loan and qualifying for loans at affordable interest rates. Moreover, it is an intelligent investment of your energy and time for future success. You may think that you or your company didn’t require a credit score to get financial help. But it is a long-term plan, so even if you don’t have any immediate plans or requirements to apply for the finance, the good credit is still helpful in saving your money. You will get lower insurance premiums and many more.

Here we will share some tips and tricks to help you get a better credit score and take full advantage.

So let’s dive into it.

Ways to determine your credit score

First, it is essential to determine your credit score, and then you can implement some tips and tricks to improve it.

There are two common types of credit scores in the USA, including

·         FICO

·         VantageScore

These credit scores help the lender estimate the risk in business and then think about the new loans and credit cards. FICO is the most helpful type of credit score that helps lenders make better credit decisions and apply for loans according to reasonable interest rates. Moreover, there are credit score models that are based on complex softwares.

The credit scoring model softwares also helps evaluate the credit report and provides a better estimation of credit risks in business. Remember that these are paid credit scoring models you need to pay for in the previous three months and the upcoming 24 months. However, the credit score model considers some essential data for estimating your business’s credit score.

The essential factors for credit score models include:

·         Any late bills payment and how late you pay the bill is essential for estimating the credit score

· Credit utilization refers to the relation between your business accounts’ credit limit and balance.

·         The average account age means the time when you open your first credit account.

·         Number of times when you apply for the credit or loans in the previous year

·         Different experiences with various accounts, including instalment, revolving, and others.

These are essential factors of a credit report for estimating the credit score. So if your credit report shows on-time payment with low utilization of credit and the ability to manage various credit cards, loans and accounts, then your credit score is within reasonable limits. It shows you can manage the funds and handle them with a good credit score. So you may need to keep performing with less ability to manage the credits.

Ways to gain a better credit score

Now here are some tips and tricks for gaining a better credit score. According to FICO studies, a credit score between 300 to 850 is good. But if you have a score of more than 800 to 850, it is an exceptional credit score. Every lender wants to maintain the score at exceptional rates so follow the below-mentioned tips for reaching targeted goals.

Regularly check the credit reports

It is essential to know that there is not only one type of credit score. Moreover, you get more than three types of credit scores from the credit bureau.

Now there are hundreds or even thousands of credit scores available in commercial markets that you can avail. The lenders use different credit scores for grading and managing the credit reports. Therefore it is your responsibility to check and control the credit reports according to the credit bureau. Keep in mind that there are different types of credit scores, and you have three credit reports.

So ensure you check the credit report from all three credit bureaus, including Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. You can claim a free credit report from these companies once a year. Fraud and fake credit reports are also significant issues that can give you a tough time. Remember that once an error occurs and you don’t recognize it, it will cost you a heavy price. You will get a lower credit score and many other issues that trigger the credit on the downside.

However, check the credit reports, and if you find any error, then federal laws are ready to dispute the mistake with the relevant reporting bureau. It will help you improve your credit score and manage it well.

Always pay the payments on time

It is one of the best ways to gain better credit scores. Always try to pay the bills on time to make a better image in front of lenders. Keep in mind that you are responsible for your credit imaging. FICO takes the payment history as one of the influential factors in making your credit scores. According to FICO, the payment history has 35 percent worth of your credit score and the ability to improve or fail the credit report for loans.

According to credit experts or Equifax and FICO:

“You want to avoid things like late payments, defaults, repossessions, foreclosures and third-party collections,”

If there is one late payment, it also severely affects the credit score report. Therefore it is essential to break the habit of late payments and transition to automatic payments. It works wonders with your credit score, and you will get better reports from all the bureaus.

Manage and lower the credit utilization rate

Credit utilization is one of the essential factors after the payment history. Always keep an eye on how much credit is available in your account for the next term. FICO gives the 30 percent worth to the credit score according to the amount owed in accounts.

So the credit utilization ratio has a significant influence on your credit score. Making a habit of paying down the credit card balances and lowering the utilization rate helps improve the credit score. It is essential to determine the credit utilization ratio by checking the Bankrate credit ratio calculator.

The better utilization rate depends on the scoring system of lenders. Therefore, as a mandatory rule, you must pay the credit card balance regularly and ask for help if you find any relevant issues. If you have a high balance and mounting interest payments, it is essential to consider consolidating your debt with a zero percent introductory rate. You can also take a low-interest loan as it helps improve credit utilization and give a better credit score.

Ask for the help from friends or family

The credit length history has a significant role in improving the credit score. According to FICO, the age of your oldest account has 15 percent worth in the credit report. The older accounts have better credit scores as compared to new accounts. So in those relevant cases, you need to relax and wait for your credit score to improve.

However, if you have a friend with a balanced and managed credit card and score, then ask for help. If a friend agrees to add you to an existing credit card as authorized, your credit history will gain some length and give you a better credit score.

The account with good management and shape helps improve every report’s credit score. It may be challenging, but it helps you get better credit scores. But try to avoid fraud in every financial matter for the betterment of your company.

Avoid frequent applying for new accounts

When you apply for credit accounts frequently, you face hard inquiries. Your credit report also negatively impacts and temporarily lowers your credit scores. Once the hard inquiry is used on your credit report, it will last a year or more.

Remember that you will only get approval for a new account if you appear to be a good candidate. So always apply for the new account after lowering the risk of inquiry with fewer denied applications. The best practice is to refrain from credit card applications for a short time when you want to get large loans or credits. However, when your credit report is under the soft inquiry, it will have less impact on your credit score. The hard inquiries will have a significant effect and lower the credit scores. Avoid random loan or credit applications that increase the chances of a denial and reduce your credit scores.

Final words

It is essential to notice that no one can gain a better credit score in one night. It is too hard to reach the exceptional 850 credit score and you need to take every step carefully to reduce the negative impacts. When you are in the right direction, it takes time, and you take your credit score from the foul line towards improvements. It also helps you save money and provide better utilization ratios. One of the best ways to maintain a good credit score is to work on long-term habits like paying the payments on time.

We hope this guide will help you maintain a better credit score and gain more profits in your business.

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